1. 5 Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Car’s Upkeep

    5 Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Car’s Upkeep

    Keeping your car in good condition is essential!

    Your car is more than a way to get around. It’s a big investment and an important part of your daily life. To help your car last longer, you need to regularly maintain it.

    Can you imagine the frustration of having to pay a lot of money to get something on your car fixed which could have been avoided if you had maintained your car properly? Preventative maintenance can make your car’s repair costs lower in the long run, and when you keep up with your vehicle’s routine inspections and services, your car will last longer and be much safer to drive. Here’s a list of 5 maintenance tips to protect your car’s upkeep.


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  2. How to Replace Your Windscreen Wiper Blades

    How to Replace Your Windscreen Wiper Blades


    Over time, windscreen wipers become less effective at removing rain, dirt, and snow from your windscreen. If you notice that your windscreen wipers are becoming less effective, you should replace them before it becomes dangerous to drive. We recommend changing your windscreen wipers every 12-24 months.

    1. Choose the right sized wiper blades for your car

    Firstly, you need to purchase the right-sized

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  3. 7 Essential Items For Your Car in Winter

    7 Essential Items For Your Car in Winter

    With winter just around the corner, it is important to stock up on all of the essential items that you should keep in your car. Although it is important to be prepared for potential accidents or breakdowns all year round, the dark mornings and nights, colder temperatures and icy roads bring with it potential risks for drivers, making it even more important during the winter. 

    1. De-Icer and an Ice Scraper

    This is a pretty obvious one but keeping

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  4. What To Look For In A First Car

    Are you thinking about buying your first car but no idea what to go for? Take a look here on our advice on what to look for in your first car.

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  5. Best Sellers

    Intrigued at what we sell the most? Take a look here at our best sellers and what they do/ are used for.

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  6. How To Break In Your New Car Properly

    When you buy anything new, you always need to break it in. So why not break your can in properly by reading this blog.

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  7. 10 Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car.

    When you are buying a used car from somewhere you always have to be a bit more wary than if you were buying a brand new one. You should make sure you know everything, all the ins and outs of the car you are wanting to buy before making any decisions.

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  8. How To Change A Tyre

    Have you ever wondered how to change a tyre or have you ever had to and not known how? Well here you can learn how to by reading this step by step guide. Knowing how to change a tyre might come in handy in the future when you are out driving on your own, you never know when you will need to.

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  9. Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Review

    The Lamborghini Huracan Spyder is the end result of another car, Huracan Coupe.

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  10. How To Maintain Your Alloys

    Having nice, shiny alloys will enhance and give your car a nice classy look to it, so keep them clean and shiny. If you have muddy, dirty alloys people will assume your whole car is dirty and not being looked after. Having clean alloys will also bump up the value of your car so make sure they aren’t scuffed or dirty.

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